I’m not struggling, but I’m definitely on a budget. My goal is to feed to adult human mouths for $60 a week (the goal in my heart is $50, but I rarely if ever make it; maybe one day). It’s not crazy, but as much as I love ramen and hot dogs, I don’t want to eat them everyday. Fortunately, I like healthy food, but I also want it to taste good… and I don’t want to spend more than $60/week on it.

We’ve been cooking for ourselves for a while now, so our spice rack is pretty well stocked. We have a basil plant and a cilantro plant, so I take advantage of those too. Occasionally I’ll splurge for arborio rice or shrimp, but then I try to make it last.

I have a few recipes that hit the sweet spot – tasty, not terrible for me, filling, and affordable. Hopefully, I’ll consistently keep track of my receipts and recipes here and will be able to spend less time planning, bargaining between my pantry and my budget, and just enjoy cooking and eating when I’m hungry.


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