Week #4

This week, I increased my budget to $90, because we needed to stock up on staples at BJ’s. Between Wegman’s and BJ’s, the total came out to $86.46, which is within budget, but I’d like to even out the spending so I’m averaging $60/week, even with bulk purchases. That said, I’m still satisfied with this week overall — I was way under budget when I filled up for gas ($2.19/gallon?!), and I think we’re finally getting to the place where we can just get produce and figure out the menu as we go.

That said, I’m bored with the food we’ve been cooking; it’s usually bulgar or chicken with vegetables or pasta. As much as I love pesto, it feels like I’m eating it twice a week. I’m kind of excited about how this week has been turning out. I made a dinner meal plan that includes two recipes that I’ve been trying, and at mid-week I can’t quite remember what was on the meal plan because we winged it (which means all of recipes are the same and/or we’re getting to know what to do with ingredients). With no further ado, here’s our meal plan.


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