Week #1

My receipt from this week has my under $60 budget by $.66, thanks to $2.58 in savings from my membership rewards card. One of the meals on the menu for this week would have put me way over my budget, but since I splurged for the ingredients before, I had some leftover to contribute this week.

This Week’s Menu:

I came across a Men’s Health “Shop Once, Eat for a Week” meal planning guide that had two recipes I stole and modified (read: I can’t handle hot food, so I abstained from jalepeños). The guide fits what I generally would like to acheive — a meal plan for the week that uses the same ingredients without just being leftovers. The grocery total for their plan is right in stride with my ultimate goal, but I don’t want to by frozen meals if I can avoid it.

I love the Summer Vegetable Paella because it’s delicious hot out of the oven or cold out of the refrigerator and it makes MUCH more than 4 servings, so we can eat from it for a while. It’s the first paella recipe I’ve ever tried, and since I was getting shrimp anyway, I decided to try adding shrimp to the equation.

On my partner human’s week to shop/cook, we made an amazing stir fry that I want to eat all the time. I used the marinade from the recipe I linked to and threw in a bunch of left over produce to keep the dish from being to heavy (and avoid wasting food…)

If I hadn’t gotten the shrimp, I would have been about $5 under my stretch goal of $50, but it was an integral part of two dishes. I also think I might have a better source of seafood on my radar.


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