Staple Ingredients

  • Garlic – Nearly every recipe calls for at least two cloves of garlic, so I just assume I’ll need to pick up a clove of garlic every trip or two to the grocery store; fortunately they usually come out to about $1
  • Olive Oil – Again, very frequently needed and I seem to go through it quicker and quicker every time I buy it. I might shift my methods and see if it’s worthwhile to buy it at BJs or Costco.
  • Pasta – Cheap and filling. Hard to mess up.
  • Bulgur – I was introduced to this in some of the vegan recipes I’ve explored. It’s about $4/lb. and goes a long way. From what I’ve read, it can be substituted for quinoa, which I have yet to cook with.
  • Cilantro – I have a windowsill plant
  • Basil – I have a windowsill plant, though some recipes call for dry. I usually substitute my fresh basil anyway.

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